Contingent Fee Collections

We handle the collections for a wide range of industries including healthcare, billing services, credit card, retail, commercial, governmental agencies and many more. A contingent fee structure ensures our customers that we are working their accounts thoroughly.

First Party & Early Out

With this service we make phone calls and send letters in your name. The letters are sent on your letterhead and phone calls are generated in a familiar phone number, even yours if you prefer. We remain completely invisible to your customer. We acknowledge responsibility for your reputation in the community and will treat each customer with the utmost respect and dignity. While we have a standard process, this process is completely customizable to fit your needs.

Skip Tracing

Various skip tracing techniques are used to help us keep up-to-date records of valid phone numbers and the whereabouts of debtors. Our detailed attention to skip tracing allows us to sustain a high amount of contacts thus aiding in the achievement of a high recovery rate.

Credit Bureau Reporting

All accounts listed with Certified Services will be listed in the 3 major consumer credit bureaus, unless otherwise advised. Most accounts will remain in the credit bureaus for 7 years.


If litigation is a feasible way to obtain payment we work closely with an experienced collection law firm to obtain a judgment. Once judgment is obtained, we are able to garnish wages and bank accounts, file property liens, and continue with other collection methods. To start litigation, client approval is required. We will advance all court costs and attorney fees for cases we mutually agree should go legal.

Client Web Access

Internet access to your accounts 24/7 via our password protected client web link system. This system allows you to see account balances, payment history, print reports, and more.

Lien Program

We have an experienced staff that is able to efficiently handle Personal Injury liens on a contingency fee basis. We have been handling liens for over 10 years and will handle all phases of the lien process.

Debtor Web Access

Debtors are able to make online payments through our secure website.